A Simple Project Diary:

When working on anything, it’s important to measure the results of your actions, because without doing so, you might end up spinning yourself on a hamster wheel without even recognizing. My life has been one big hamster wheel until I decided to measure legitimate progress toward my goal–not just fantasies that anything I did would move me closer.

So, you’ll find in this blog daily measurements in progress toward this one, solitary project that I commit to daily until the end of time… wherein I complete such a challenge. I must add one thing at a time to the quality of life, and by doing so, I can create a powerful system of love and power for myself in the world while inspiring you to do so yourself.

So, In this blog, I post daily to the following questions–with fun little anecdotes and stories optional:

  1. “What I worked on today and the result”
  2. “Where I wasted time that could’ve been repurposed”
  3. “What actually moved me closer to Goal #2*”

If I somehow compel you or your friends or peers to really follow me, somehow, then that’d be an interesting turn of events–to go from a lonely blogger who enjoys what he writes to a fascinating superstar in the niche of posts regarding productivity within the field of product development, marketing, and more.

If you want to help yourself a bit, I’m pretty intelligent when it comes to writing headlines, copy, and contributing value to people by providing value to people by creating compelling offers for a particular product, niche, or company (whatever you want to call it.) So if you’re reading this and want to do something cool with your own personal blog, product, or company, I’m committed to devoting at least fifteen minutes a day helping out in that regard.

If you’ll follow me on this blog as I follow through on this project from start to finish, you’ll get a fascinating sense of what it’s like to single-focus on a task AND you’ll get a world of wisdom when it comes to approaching ladies–specifically when it comes to the first part where you actually step in their direction.


Vidi Vici

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