Mid-Day Report: For the Power-Broker In All Of Us

What I’ve Worked On Today + The Results

What I’ve Worked On

I’ve worked on SHIT today. I began to formulate the customer avatar for the sexy ladies *I* want to fuck, which ultimately proved useful as I checked OkCupid for a while and neglected my Facebook community just before I conversed with Jake and Thomas about our run today–which I looked forward to because I feel uber-productive after a run but ultimately never made it because I went out at the last minute to find that my car battery died.

Anyway, I ended up just checking OkCupid after I came back in. I open my inbox to find that this girl messaged me saying that she’d give me a blowjob in a laundromat if I made it over to Chicago. While I liked the offer, I’m not in the position to afford a random flight to Chicago to see a moderately attractive girl who simply wants to fuck and fuck and fuck. If I did have the means, I might enjoy a trip to Chicago (I have at least ten friends there, anyway) but I’m not going to.

So, obviously, I’ve spent my day dilly-dallying because that’s all that I’ve pretty much done all day besides develop this blog.

What benefit did I ultimately receive from these actions?

The Results From Sexy Lady Customer Avatar (“Jenna”), OkCupid, and Attempting To Leave At The Last Minute:

Developing Jenna definitely raised my understanding of women, and I believe that, besides developing this blog, she’s been a powerful means of experiencing what women really feel–which gives me access to what truly motivates them. This understanding both allows me to make better decisions on what to advise guys on with the approach while elevating my own ability to create results I want with women myself.

As for messing around on OkCupid, I received validation that what I do ultimately does attract women. My thought processes have elevated to a whole new level of being that’s created massive value for the women I talk with. This gives me confidence that I contribute massively to the guys I work with–and it gives me some excellent testimonials.

(Sidenote: And this confidence combined with my secret sauce questions that only the people who purchase my products will take me seriously on (the upturn in tonality every time you ask a question,) I can outmaneuver ALL of my competition by creating more value than anyone has ever created before in the context))

Attempting to leave at the last minute definitely fucked up plans a little bit. I KNOW I sabotaged myself a little bit, so I guess the knowledge that I sabotaged myself (with oscillation between working on OkCupid and actually getting my ass out to the car an hour early) can serve as the benefit. The reason it’s a benefit, by the way, is because once you observe the practices of Tony Robbins and other high-level people, you can OBLITERATE anything that limits you psychologically. And that obliteration of psychological obstacles is definitely an incredible benefit.

While talking with people online can definitely boost my interaction skills, all this ultimately did was make me feel a little more lust-bound with no real progress toward any of my goals. Sure, if I want to hook up with a girl one day, she might be an option, but there are WAY more lucrative options to consider. Furthermore, I didn’t get to run with a couple friends today

Where I Wasted Time That Could’ve Been Repurposed

Well, obviously with everything involving OkCupid and meandering about before going out to see Thomas and Jake. Furthermore, even the time I put toward developing the sexy lady avatar–though it’s important–could have been directed toward refocusing on goals and plans. All the time that I spent on the initial part of the day when I woke up twelve hours later from last night 8:30am (after an unsuccessful polyphasic sleep change) could have been devoted to my mental processes that ultimately determine how far I move in life. The reason I say that I’ve wasted time is because it’s  incredible what I can do with the right thinking!

What Actually Moved Me Closer To Goal #2

The lady customer avatar definitely did it most. Even though I could’ve reprogrammed myself even more and made myself more in tune with the processes of my thinking that ultimate give me the most progress toward my goals, I definitely broke through another plane of understanding–which gives me the option to attract women I find attractive more readily and more quickly than most people, which is a useful skill.

Another thing, too, is that by knowing the sexy lady avatar, I can combine what I want with women to what they want and create a powerful combo of things that fulfill her while fulfilling myself–which also promotes goal #3 with women.

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