An Introduction To The Social Master Session

Why Do I Now Record Social Master Focus Sessions?

I’ve dedicated an ENTIRE blog to the development of a single result (total confidence when thinking about the approach as well as the first steps of the approach) that I deliver via an info product course (e-book to start.) And everything MUST pertain to this course for it to exist on this blog. Therefore, I feel totally happy and confident to insert a social master session snippet to allow measurements of where my social interactions go as well as observations of ideas that I can DEFINITELY apply to the result I’ve promised via this info product that Johnny observes and consumes.

So, I’m quite happy to record my observations with my social interactions like I do with my super work sessions, which means that I figure out: where I am currently in the process of my goal: what I did and what results came from this: what the benefits were of what I did; where I wasted my time that could’ve been repurposed for other highest-value activities that propel me most toward Goal #2; what I DID do that ultimately moved me toward Goal #2 as quickly, effectively, efficiently as possible that also allowed me to enjoy the process while creating massive, massive value for the world; what lessons I take away from this that allow me to create even MORE progress with my upcoming social sessions toward Goal #2; and then finally my actual action plan for my upcoming social sessions.

What a long paragraph to explain my measurements.

Well, that pretty much sums it up about why I’m definitely recording social master sessions. The social master sessions allow me insight into people’s minds as well as provide me valuable information that I can delve deeply upon in the creation of my products. By the ONE conversation with Rico alone in this upcoming Social Master Session, I got the ideas to:

  • Begin an intricate, niched coaching business
  • Delve deeply into reframing “feigned disinterest,” and “awkwardness,” and “homosexuality”
  • Observe the emotional need that I violated with women for most of my life (EN#1 = “Reputation”) in both my own game AND with the game of others I speak with (like B.F., a guy I interacted with who clearly violated this principle when he talked to a bunch of these girls’s sexy friend)
  • Embrace confusion both with myself and with those I speak with
  • Enjoy the painful moments of PU, because these ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS are where we learn most, AND provide the most valuable insights for others to learn from me about in this context.
  • Create a stop-loss on whatever I do–whether it’s women, a business endeavor, whatever–because it will ultimately save me MASSIVE grief
  • Prepare for ALL (or a good amount of) contingencies–including ones we don’t like; my favorite part about Rico includes how he observes logistics to the most extreme level
  • Be prepared to lose any girl–it might suck, but we need to prepare ourselves for it; it’s the ultimate way to mastering the game; BE OKAY TO LOSE A GIRL; IT’LL MAKE YOU MORE ATTRACTIVE
  • Be as reliable, safe, and emotionally happy as McDonalds, and my customers will come again and again and again in all situations, good or bad (I hate dishealthy food, but McDonald’s, I suppose, always has a place in my heart because of its consistency)
  • And so much more (like ideas on funny accents and memes…)

So, yeah, these are some serious and compelling reasons to include these social mastery sessions in my product-development blog. It’s really nice, too, because I’ve been constantly asking myself:

“How do I convert my time here into the most valuable time in the world to create as much value for Johnny as possible as quickly, effectively, efficiently as possible as I enjoy the process and create, massive, massive value for the world?” ~ Vidi V.

And constantly asking this question allowed me to create a LOT of value in regards to my friends and the development of this product which you’re going to see AT MAX within three days.

Before I leave, I just want to drill in the point that it’s the relationships, the connections with people, that really cause the most joy and drive for me in life. Without the ability to contribute and develop for another person’s reality, I wouldn’t be NEARLY as able to experience the level of high-intensity emotions as I currently do today. And conversely, without the contributions of other people, I wouldn’t be ANYTHING like I am today!!

So here’s to people and their contribution to my life and my contribution to theirs!

P.S. Given the shortened time frame with Toronto (I need to make it there well before January 9th, 2013,) I just need to make sure that all of my activities are HIGHLY DIRECTED TOWARD THE TOP GOAL. If my goal is Toronto, then I need to figure out exactly what the highest-priority thing is to make it there, and then DO THAT THING CONSTANTLY.

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