Enjoy This Focus Master Session #2 NOW As We Journey Together

What I’ve Worked On For Focus Master Session #2 And The Results I Obtained From It:

I’ve definitely built up the e-book A LOT. I feel so confident that what I have to provide is definitely the most powerful tool for building confidence (especially with the approach!) ever created! Nobody else has EVER created the level of commitment and relationship with the reader as I have! So, yeah, I’ve done the following:

  • Created a list, in order, of the states that I most powerfully feel to most quickly, effectively, efficiently achieve goal #2
  • Recorded me asking the questions that generate these states in a powerful way (could be better,) so that I can automatically receive the feeling from my subconscious; having these emotions pop up even when I don’t say anything is an awesome thing to have going for me
  • Developed a question for comprehension mastery that GETS RESULTS, MAN!! I can read so fast now! It’s beautiful
  • Definitely kept refining the questions I ask myself so that they really involve creating the result for Johnny and keep Johnny in focus as I discuss the top in a way most visceral and powerful for him (because the more I focus on him, the more power I give myself and him–because the whole purpose for the e-book is to create results within JOHNNY!!)

So, yeah. I’ve definitely obtained quite a bit from this. By constantly refining my questions and creating the best focus for Johnny and I within the book (which mainly involves creating the results for HIM!!), I created a power for myself that allows me to generate as much power as possible in this context. And it’s a really amazing feeling, just for both raw progress (Growth) and for the sense of total and actual contribution I’m giving to him!

In the end, I’d definitely say that by creating these questions in a way that CONSTANTLY has the goal Johnny set for himself in mind AND in a way that constantly connects with Johnny on the deepest levels, I create the level of passion and enthusiasm within him that I have myself! Which is an amazing and incredible thing to do with someone at this powerful of a level!

I love marketing by the way. Effective marketing–which suggests heavily that I refine my knowledge and total picture, sound, and feeling of the other person–really created this opportunity for me to ROCK THE WORLD WITH MY MIND, MY WORDS, MY COCK, MY BODY, MY FRIENDS, MY INFLUENCE, MY WHATEVER!!!! 😀

What Benefit Did I Ultimately Receive From The Actions Taken Within Focus Master Session #2 That Ultimately Leads Me Toward Goal 2 While Fulfilling and Enhancing The Quality Of My Life:

I definitely created a sense of total faith and belief that I can achieve ANYTHING, and I mean ANYTHING that I want to achieve within this world. That sense of total and absolute faith that I can accomplish whatever I want has lead me to create some really powerful results within myself and the lives of others, and I look forward to contributing on the most powerful levels with people I talk with and understand on the deepest levels.

So, what I appreciate most about the state change questions and the e-book is that I’ve created a part of the most powerful process Johnny will ever go through. And it’s because of me and my ability to do what’s right that I create the most powerful results within Johnny that he desires most.

Where I Wasted Time With Focus Master Session One That I Could Have (And Now) Repurpose For Activities That Propel Me Most Toward Goal #2?

The state change activity could possibly be considered wasteful, because it didn’t contribute directly to the product that I wished to sell. However, the states that this recording generates within me did produce powerful results that I now appreciate at the very most core of my being. Furthermore, I can deliver this recording to others and have them ask it themselves just before beginning a rather important process. It’s crucial that people doing things in the right emotional state to make the most of life and whatever they’re doing.

Things that definitely could’ve been avoided include the conversations with Thomas the interruptions via text and more. Then, there’s also the fact that I can create an audio product that fulfills this process–however, I definitely feel that typing this out to start can generate the most powerful response for me because I can definitely see my thoughts evolve over time.

What Process, What Specific Actions Moved Me The Fastest and Most Effective and Most Efficient Way Possible Toward Goal #2, and How Do I Make My Actions In Upcoming Focus Master Sessions More Toward The Highest Quality Actions I Can Take To Achieve Goal #2 As Quickly, Effectively, Efficiently As Possible While Enjoying The Process?

I definitely enjoyed the process of refining my questions more and more toward Johnny that allows me to create powerful, powerful results for Johnny. isn’t it amazing how Johnny can create such powerful results for him in his life? If I can inceive Johnny the idea that he asks questions the way I want him to WHILE inspiring him to achieve the result I want him to achieve, we can get him to make this result happen.

Oh, and constantly generating answers to the questions that Johnny needs answered. It’s an excellent feeling to be able to create massive amounts of value for Johnny by ANSWERING the best questions! Even though I feel questions truly deliver the result, whenever I ask the best questions, I WIN.

What Lesson That I Now Implement In Focus Master Sessions From Now On Did I Learn Now That Allows Me To Achieve Goal #2 As Quickly, Effectively, Efficiently As Possible As I Enjoy the Process?

I JUST thought about how I can make Johnny feel more like the things he learn are his OWN idea. It interesting to think how one can plant seeds inside the minds of others that grow into full blown trees of wisdom! I look forward to employing knowledge development tactics that inspire him entirely to learn for himself from my material.

Should I figure out how to help him do something at the most powerful level, I’ll have created a change in life that exists so deeply within him, that he’ll have no choice but to thank me and become  raving fan (even though he’ll THINK he has a choice!)

Make him feel as if it’s his own idea.

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