Enjoy This Social Master Session #1 NOW As We Journey Together

What I’ve Worked On For Social Master Session #1 And The Results I Obtained From It:

I worked on working with Angelo and talking with Brendan Frew on some deep psychological issues that root with certain, surface level things that they’re focused on. For example, I discussed with Angelo something along the lines of his business, creating something powerful along his states to create the most powerful states for himself. Furthermore, I eventually ended up discussing amazing things and powerful dating situations with Rico, allowing him to image stream with his triple date scheme that kind of sort of worked out with this girl from London, Ontario.

When I first started writing this, I recognized that I had accidentally extended this by MANY hours. I MUST keep my social activities maintained, because even though I’m interacting with prospective customers and figuring out what people really want, it’s absolutely crucial that I create as much value via my products and marketing as possible so to actually generate the income necessary to achieve my short and long-term goals. You can observe the things I’ve done additionally in the ordered list below.

Social Master Session #1 Activities:

  1. Super Discussion with Angelo on goals, super questions with his business, and discussion with him about the deepest levels of himself to create what he really needs to create for his goals
  2. Interaction with Brendan Frew which I chose to allow to me to interrupt my nap in order that I contribute to his “problem” of messaging too many girls in the most wuss-bound way possible
  3. Receiving a call from Rico just as I wake up from my nap to then discuss game and strategy and life and memes for the next three hours… which I intended to use for creating this product LOL!
  4. Extended: Constant interaction with FB people — Decide to specify and focus on the one or two people who contact me to build friendship instead of focusing on the far and wide goals of contributing to EVERYONE’s status (even though I definitely need to focus on the top 20% who generate 80% of the results in my life… like Vishy, Phil, Rico, Angelo, etc); specific actions include: writing long wall posts, long descriptions for people, and more

Anyway, these are the four main things I worked upon. The results I achieved from these general include upping my reputation within the PUA community, generating massive massive value for those who read my content. Every time I posted, I refined my focus of Johnny, constantly creating a feeling of total specificity with my messaging that people enjoy. I also observed that I need to let some interactions go to master the most powerful intereactions–I simply need to decide which interaction is the most powerful.

What Benefit Did I Ultimately Receive From The Actions Taken Within Social Master Session #1 That Ultimately Leads Me Toward Goal #2 While Fulfilling and Enhancing The Quality Of My Life:

I created a sense of wholeness and “being” within myself that’s almost impossible to create without the Internet. My focus and attraction to new possibilities have opened me up to the “creme de la creme” of the PUA world, and I really am absolutely on the verge of opening the right door that creates all the success I can imagine for myself! I swear, all I need is the right questions so that I can develop and create myself and others into human beings we were meant to be!

Furthermore, I’ve recognized that I need to absolutely recognize that keeping a schedule with regard to my energy levels is MANDATORY. Make people a priority, but only after my own personal health and well-being is definitely preserved. This allows me to create maximum value in the long run, AND it leads to better feelings of value for those specifically involved. It creates suspense, tension, and the ability to keep on getting things back in the groove, which is a useful skill.

So yeah, I’ve definitely observed the benefits of people constantly adoring and respecting me because of my ability to contribute to them and respect them on the deepest level. Because I’m always contributing in ways that appeals most to “Jenna,” I always tend to create massive, massive value for the person who experiences my Facebook posts! I love the benefit of creating massive, massive value for this world! It’s so incredible of a feeling to ever give that I see ZERO reason why, should anyone observe the information I know with enough motivation, that anyone would EVER give less than what they want to retrieve. It’s an amazing feeling to contribute massive value to a person–even by simply doing an ABOVE EXCELLENT job on the kitchen!

Where I Wasted Time With Social Master Session One That I Could Have (And Now) Repurpose For Activities That Propel Me Most Toward Goal #2 In The Quickest, Most Effective, Most Efficient Way Possible That Also Allow Me To Create, Massive, Massive Value To This World While I Cause Myself To Enjoy These Activities?

I’ve definitely wasted time in regards to constantly focusing on single people who message me. I need to create webinars and opportunities for relationships to flourish with high-leverage people. I need to repurpose time with ME specifically building relationships to developing relationships with people who can then develop the appropriate “kickstarter” relationships that ultimately develop the far-reaching and tougher relationships.

Furthermore, I can definitely keep an e-mail newsletter that people follow, either through a Facebook group or through a simple shout message to the entire group. It’d be nice if I could have a concentrated resource area for the members to fully observe and make work for themselves. I definitely have material that can create massive, massive value for Johnny!

It’s an amazing process to observe how one can waste so much time arguing and worrying about the processes of another person. I’m absolutely focusing on growing more and more in tune with the other person’s deepest needs–pains, fears, frustrations–and total wants for pleasure–basic desires and aspirations. It’s incredible that I can definitely feel a degree of proactive empathy so intense with a person that I can devote long, LONG stretches of time to doing whatever it takes to making the result happen within them!

I need to set up a calendar that reminds me to interact with certain people over and over and over again on a steady and repeated basis. Furthermore, a database of interactions could help.

What Process, What Specific Actions Moved Me The Fastest and Most Effective and Most Efficient Way Possible Toward Goal #2, and How Do I Make My Actions In Upcoming Focus Master Sessions More Toward The Highest Quality Actions I Can Take To Achieve Goal #2 As Quickly, Effectively, Efficiently As Possible While Enjoying The Process?

I can definitely say that speaking with Rico and focusing my attention with Angelo focused my attention, because it gave me ideas and opportunities to pursue while working with them and developing my relationships. Now, I DEFINITELY created the most progress toward my goals when I started to break down what really wasted my time the most in this page. By recognizing that most of Facebook is a waste of time, I can especially refocus my time and efforts to creating the results I want in my life NOW!

Furthermore, anytime I focused on listening to my power recordings, I’ve definitely created states and emotions that people can respect and admire ALL THE TIME. I need to include “totally centered” on that, because by creating the state of mental, emotional, and physical equilbrium, and I create a level of being that observes the most powerful practices toward achieving my goal ALL THE TIME.

The third highest thing, then, is focusing my time on the group in a very specific way. Furthermore, highly devoting my time to the group in a specific way definitely creates a sense of value for each member of the group, which in turn creates massive value for me because they really enjoy experiencing me as a whole. In the long-run, I’ll be able to create ANY result I could ever wish for, simply by creating massive value for people every. Single. Day.

What Lesson That I Now Implement In Social Master Sessions From Now On Did I Learn Now That Allows Me To Achieve Goal #2 As Quickly, Effectively, Efficiently As Possible As I Enjoy the Process While I Create Massive, Massive Value For This World?

Well, I definitely learned (as I’ve said many times over) that creating value for the highest leverage people can DEFINITELY make a difference. If I can find the leaders and do WHATEVER IT TAKES TO INSPIRE THEM AT THE DEEPEST CORE OF THEIR BEING to observe my practices and help lead others, then I can create the most leverage in the world as possible. If I observe the most alpha characteristics in people of ALL TIME, then I create massive, massive value for the world!

Furthermore, any time I stray from the highest value activity that achieves my goals in the fastest way possible is an ABSOLUTE SIN! How do I make it ABSOLUTELY FUCKING PAINFUL AND THE MOST MAJOR THREAT TO MY FREEDOM TO WORK ON ANYTHING OTHER THAN MY HIGHEST PRIORITY IN LIFE (TOWARD ACHIEVING WHATEVER GOAL I’M WORKING ON?) HOW DO I MAKE IT MORE INSANELY PLEASURABLE THAN ANY THING ELSE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD WHEN I FOCUS ONLY ON MY HIGHEST LEVEL TASK? If I achieve this CONSTANT state of just working on the highest priority task to achieve my goal, I then achieve my goal, at LEAST four times faster than I otherwise would have.

If I can get myself to do it–despite whatever pain or tendency might exist–I can then create the most positive sense of value EVER in this world, and I can then create a freakin’ FIRESTORM of value to the world! I cheat the world by focusing on anything else!

So, yeah, what I’ve learned is that I can take my top priorities of all time, think about what goal I’m absolutely, positively most focused on, then ask the Super Question regarding the top three priorities that enables me to create as much progress toward achieving my goals as possible.

Another thing, too, is that total exhaustion, lagginess, and senses of helplessness are ENTIRELY emotion-based, and it’s critically important to recognize that your body has EXTREME capabilities that we have BARELY scraped the surface of!! Time to recognize the power within us now!

(By the way, If you have a feeling of lagginess, then simply download my mp3 titled “Wow” and let it replay over and over again on a quiet setting.

The changes you’ll feel are PHENOMENAL.)


P.S. Holy shit, I just realized that I’m in the emotional super-state of achieving my goals at ALL times! HOLY SHIT! I have conquered my reality to the degree that I need to! 😀

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