Enjoy This Focus Master Session #5 NOW As We Journey Together

What I’ve Worked On For Focus Master Session #5 And The Results I Obtained From It:

I’ve definitely just focused ENTIRELY on Identity shift. Starting at first with simple pain and pleasure questions, I would later develop Pain and Pleasure that involve my values directly–which I feel had MUCH more of an impact on my life. By doing this, I definitely created massive, massive leverage on myself at a deep level–though I may need to rediscover my values because of the total identity rewrites, which is pretty interesting.

Furthermore, the results I’ve obtained from it is the most intense and desirable drive to absolutely and massively generate as much value for my customer avatar as possible–whether it’s Johnny, Jenna, Pradeep (the guy I create,) or whoever, I definitely master the place of creating the most intense amount of value ever within the context of people that I really enjoy on the deepest level.

What Benefits Did I Ultimately Receive From The Actions Taken Within Focus Master Session #5 That Ultimately Leads Me Toward Goal Toronto While Fulfilling and Enhancing The Quality Of My Life And/Or The Lives Of Others:

I obtained the benefit of maximum empowerment while totally recognizing the need that I need to fulfill myself with whatever actions I need to do at the deepest possible levels. Anytime I come across something I naturally cringe at, I can now tell myself, “Ok, I CAN choose to avoid this, but I must rewire it so that I at least feel fulfilled to do it when the time comes that I actually need to do this,” and then figure out every way possible to make myself absolutely enjoy that idea, concept activity. I need to constantly generate positive association to things I once associated pain to so that I can achieve far more than I ever have before.

Also, I created a wonderful sense of passion and enthusiasm within myself to absolutely master myself and my goals on the deepest levels, which enabled me to create massive, massive value with other people on the deepest level possible. Isn’t it amazing how I can create so much value for others and myself in such a small period of time?

Where I Wasted Time With Focus Master Session #5 That I Could Have (And Now) Repurpose(d) For Activities That Propel Me Most Toward Goal Toronto As Quickly, Effectively, Efficiently As Possible (And Well Before January 9th, 2013) While Enjoying The Process And While Creating Massive, Massive Value For The World:

Well, all of this definitely created massive value for myself and others as I progressed my ability to achieve Goal Toronto in an amazingly short period of time, but I say now that clicking on styles, messing with styles, needing to fetch my journal for my values, focusing on anything other than my values simply wasted my time… It’s really time to plan and make a set of questions that allow me to totally focus on these sessions in a GOAL-plus fashion where I definitely create massive, massive value.

What Process, What Specific Actions Moved Me The Fastest and Most Effective and Most Efficient Way Possible Toward Goal Toronto, and How Do I Make My Actions In Upcoming Focus Master Sessions More Toward The Highest Quality Actions I Can Take To Achieve Goal Toronto As Quickly, Effectively, Efficiently As Possible (Well Before January 9th, 2013) While Enjoying The Process And Creating Massive, Massive Value For This World:

Part 1: I’d have to say that when I worked on rearranging my identity by aligning the new person I am most with value I possess (or did possess,) I definitely created the most massive shift within myself at the greatest possible rate, and it empowered me to create massive ,MASSIVE change within myself at the deepest part of myself, which I appreciate more than anything.

Part 2: Definitely refine EXACTLY what I want with Goal Toronto while refining EXACTLY what I must do to realize it’s achievement on the deepest levels. Furthermore, I can ask, “What’s preventing me from Achieving Goal Toronto RIGHT NOW? What prevents me from doing/getting [the answer the last question.] What prevents me from doing/getting [the answer the last question…]”

Furthermore, I definitely focus on creating “customer mentors” and “business mentors” best by being the best business/serviceman ever as well as the best business pupil ever. I constantly look for ways to sell myself and my services on the most powerful level possible–I create the opportunity for people to pay me at every opportunity by creating traffic to my locations while giving them the “Pay Now” option at every possible turn.

What Lesson That I Now Implement In Focus Master Sessions From Now On Did I Learn From Focus Master Session #5 That Allows Me To Achieve Goal Toronto As Quickly, Effectively, Efficiently As Possible Well Before January 9th, 2013 As I Enjoy the Process While I Create Massive, Massive Value For The World:

Well, I recognized that the highest-value actions to create progress toward my goals aren’t always the direct product creation actions or market-creation actions. One must develop oneself at the deepest levels to accept the amount of commitment required to achieve such actions. Furthermore, I’ve just realized that I can now observe myself use the fulfillment pattern (the simply 6 human needs question) to really install the new identities as well as detriment the old identities (ask what the opposite is!) Oh man, I look forward to creating MASSIVE fulfillment within myself by creating total fulfillment in myself with the best identities ever!!

Also, I can definitely observe Tony Robbins’ master persuasion principles before creating a wonderful amount of love and dedication to the person I interact with so that I make DAMN sure that the person realizes the result I see for them. I need to ensure that the product I create also applies frameworks at the deepest possible level before threatening to make little, little progress! I MUST apply these two forces to my next product and my next product creation session! It HAPPENS NOW!


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