Enjoy This…. Bkalbj;kldfhajslf NOW As We Journey Together (Sort of Awesome, Sort of UGHHHH!)

Why Do I Have A Very Oddly Named Session Here That Involves Haphazard Dealings Toward My Goal?

Because it allows me to really distinguish between random periods of time where I really, REALLY work toward my goal vs. random sessions of undefined time where I create some value here, some value there, some value everywhere but in random haphazard spurts. It’s important for us to draw the line between random spurts of work (even though there WAS a Focus Master Session in here) and total, determined focus!

What I’ve Worked On For Bkalbj;kldfhajslf And The Results I Obtained From It:

I’ve worked on pretty much shit. I decided to just spend time in a haphazard manner to create the super product website (It’s really awesome) in order that I create massive, massive value for Johnny as through the audio form. And it’s truly a great process to know that a computer can repeat with pin-point precision exactly what I say in the pitch I say it. It’s fascinating that I can create such results for myself and others.

So, yeah, through a combination of a sort-of Focus Master Session #11 and a whatever, i definitely did NOT focus as well as I could have toward realizing my end result. I need to find ways to attain food on a constant and consistent basis. Or, I need to figure out a way to obtain the rights to my Honda and sell the car ASAP to fund my journey throughout the world.

Anyway, this question’s humorous, yet stupid because


represents pretty much the entire day where I felt sick and pushed through shit. Today, I accomplished the following:

  1. Created the audio recording (that kicks ass) regarding my Socratic Steroids psychology
  2. Constantly talked with Matt, Jono, Angelo, etc. who pretty much are different from the people I need to focus on. I can do so much for the people that I work with, yet the way I’ve gone about it has NOT been the way that I can do best
  3. I focused on creating massive results via the audio program–I got the program down, but I definitely need to master the marketing while generating some more value through the products

Yeah, I definitely worked on relationships, though. I constantly focused on solving problems–whether that of Jono, etc. I NEED TO GET THAT LINK ONTO AWEBER.

What Benefits Did I Ultimately Receive From The Actions Taken Within Bkalbj;kldfhajslf That Ultimately Leads Me Toward Goal Toronto While Fulfilling and Enhancing The Quality Of My Life And/Or The Lives Of Others:

I definitely received benefits along the lines of creating a finished product. I constantly stressed myself over Goal Toronto as well as the lack of food, so the realization of this website definitely represents a “foothold of security” for me, because I now have something to use as the footstool to get another step up the mountain of wealth. In the end, it’s the skill of creating the website in the future now. In the future, I can just leverage this knowledge of creating the website with my knowledge.

Next time, though, I need to constantly message mentors.

Where I Wasted Time With Bkalbj;kldfhajslf (As Well As “In-Between Time”)That I Could Have (And Now) Repurpose(d) For Activities That Propel Me Most Toward Goal Toronto As Quickly, Effectively, Efficiently As Possible (And Well Before January 9th, 2013) While Enjoying The Process And While Creating Massive, Massive Value For The World:

I definitely wasted time by lacking the rest necessary to move forward. Also, lack of coffee and pain from coffee withdrawal as well as lack of food influenced me to choose to feel distracted to an insane degree. I need to use this business as an avenue of certainty, not uncerainty, man. If I can constantly use this time to feel renewed security because of how much value it creates for others and self in the long run.

What Process, What Specific Actions Moved Me The Fastest and Most Effective and Most Efficient Way Possible Toward Goal Toronto, and How Do I Make My Actions In Upcoming Focus Master Sessions More Toward The Highest Quality Actions I Can Take To Achieve Goal Toronto As Quickly, Effectively, Efficiently As Possible (Well Before January 9th, 2013) While Enjoying The Process And Creating Massive, Massive Value For This World:

Part 1:Definitely the actions of marketing, of talking with Paul. By building our business relationship, I’ve leveraged his access to the studio, the quality of his voice, etc. so that I create the highest quality product available for Toronto. Furthermore, I definitely leveraged the customer-relationship ability to create massive, massive value for the world. Furthermore, I used Weebly to create the most awesome-looking website ever. I can definitely use some degree of research to master my online environment a little bit more.

Part 2: I can definitely do whatever it takes to make “Making processes fulfilling before I do them” as fulfilling as possible so that I actually do it. This meta-process definitely inspires me to create massive action and flow toward my goal–despite whatever sicknesses or illnesses may came. It’s time to generate massive value for the world by absolutely concentrating my focus for the world.

Now, I can definitely create an excellent level of value by repurposing content for new people in different situations in new areas most effectively. By constantly creating massive, massive value for Johnny by pulling the best content for him, I think we can win…

What Lesson That I Now Implement In Focus Master Sessions From Now On Did I Learn From Bkalbj;kldfhajsl That Allows Me To Achieve Goal Toronto As Quickly, Effectively, Efficiently As Possible Well Before January 9th, 2013 As I Enjoy the Process While I Create Massive, Massive Value For The World:

I definitely learned that I need to experience a certain level of certainty when I create value for the world. If I lack even the bread to keep me fed or the aspartame + coffee to keep me from withdrawal symptoms, then I definitely have some shit to go through. I also learned that I can create a lot of value in a VERY short amount of time.

I’ve also learned that making the commitment well beforehand ALWAYS creates the best amount of value for the world. I love this system, and I seek to create massive, massive results for the people who interact with me. I’ve also learned that Weebly has this kick-ass design for PayPal–however, it doesn’t offer me the option to create the landing page… time to redirect that!

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