Enjoy This Focus Master Session #11 NOW As We Journey Together

What I’ve Worked On For Focus Master Session #11 And The Results I Obtained From It:

I definitely focused on the acknowledgement and clarifications of my values, both moving-toward and away-from values. I keep on constantly creating massive, massive value for the world, and it inspires me to further myself with my goals when it comes to actually determining what I REALLY want. When I first created my goals, I didn’t have the technology that I have now–at least not consciously. Therefore, my goal is to really supercharge what I’ve already done before and really make some powerful results in my life before I make a serious change in my life now.

What Benefits Did I Ultimately Receive From The Actions Taken Within Focus Master Session #11 That Ultimately Leads Me Toward Goal Toronto While Fulfilling and Enhancing The Quality Of My Life And/Or The Lives Of Others:

Well, many things like knowing what really, really influences me at the heart of who I am. I look forward to using these ideas and concepts toward influencing myself to achieve ridiculous results with myself before I go out into the world on my own. I look forward to making as many results as possible–as many of the highest-leverage results as possible–by using the 100% absolute highest means of using exactly what influences me at the deepest levels. Time to drive myself to newer and more excellent heights, because I definitely have realized a new level of potential within me… All due to Socratic Steroids that everyone can take full advantage of.

Where I Wasted Time With Focus Master Session #11 (As Well As “In-Between Time”)That I Could Have (And Now) Repurpose(d) For Activities That Propel Me Most Toward Goal Toronto As Quickly, Effectively, Efficiently As Possible (And Well Before January 10th, 2013) While Enjoying The Process And While Creating Massive, Massive Value For The World:

I definitely wasted time by trying to do a “vague” values analysis. Furthermore, I felt like it was more romantic and varied as I did my values writing on paper–even though I’ll type it up and send it out to the masses. Life’s always so much more powerful whenever one really, really focuses his efforts and energies into a specific area that really creates the most excellent value for people in whatever context… whether for self or another. Time to repurpose this time for specific actions that really, legitimately create the most high-impact value for the person on the deepest level possible.

What Process, What Specific Actions Moved Me The Fastest and Most Effective and Most Efficient Way Possible Toward Goal Toronto, and How Do I Make My Actions In Upcoming Focus Master Sessions More Toward The Highest Quality Actions I Can Take To Achieve Goal Toronto As Quickly, Effectively, Efficiently As Possible (Well Before January 10th, 2013) While Enjoying The Process And Creating Massive, Massive Value For This World:

Part 1: I definitely observed how recognizing what my real, real values created the most change within my life at any point in time–it’s definitely the most powerful thing to know what really, really drives me at the deepest level that my self-image represents. My self-image has changed, for sure, over time–but it’s definitely something to note that I’ve created some seriously powerful information to myself to really recognize what matters most to me.

Part 2: I can definitely create some powerful, focused sessions that focus ENTIRELY on one, highly specfic area. I need to really narrow down my focus to the highest quality actions so that I can really focus on the more specific areas that the person can really, legitimately use to create powerful results for him or herself as quickly and effectively as possible. Time to make the world a better person… Yeah, actually–I meant to say that. Treat the world as a specific person so as to guide the “avatar” to a TOTALLY new level of being! I want to focus on the top 20% of the top 20% of the top 20% and grow these people to the most ridiculous degree possible.

What Lesson That I Now Implement In Focus Master Sessions From Now On Did I Learn From Focus Master Session #11 That Allows Me To Achieve Goal Toronto As Quickly, Effectively, Efficiently As Possible Well Before January 10th, 2013 As I Enjoy the Process While I Create Massive, Massive Value For The World:

I definitely observe that I’m focusing on SPECIFIC actions from now on! I use my knowledge of Socratic Steroids to really create some serious results in the fastest amount of time by using these questions to really motivate me to focus ENTIRELY on these specific, specific areas of the development UNTIL THEY ARE DONE. Use my values that I now know DAMN WELL to really create the goals that I really, really want to create. I can now use my own motivators to really generate what I want to generate in my life.


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