Empower Yourself, Friend, With This Powerful Model Of Learning!

Hey! We Have A New Model Of Learning, Friend!

Why Do I Now Adopt This New Model Of Questioning?

It allows both easier automated info probing via recorded questions that I set on repeat to constantly retrieve the information and experience from my mind in the most constant and consistent way possible. By focusing on the questions below, I retrieve massive learning for myself at the deepest level possible while making it easier for myself to measure my progress via this blog. It’s really a beautiful thing that i get these thoughts on here, and it’s even more beautiful that I can apply the learning I’ve achieved from a certain Focus Master Session in an Omni-Affecting manner.

The Questions I Now Employ

  1. Did I Achieve My Objective?
  2. What did I do right about this Focus Master Session that I would keep as the customer I achieve for me $5,000,000 for me as I enjoy the process and create massive, massive value for the world?
  3. If I were making this Focus Master Session again, what would I do differently to achieve $5,000,000 by May 31, 2013 as I enjoy the process and create massive, massive value for the world?
  4. What have I learned that will influence future Focus Master Sessions for this goal?
  5. What is the lesson that I learned about myself that allows me to create more massive, massive value for the world both now and in the future?

The Long-Term Effects

I definitely create a lot of value by asking these questions, both on the direct level in that I create a ridiculous amount of value in such the short time that I do within one Focus Master Session and on the level of the lessons that this blog post generates. Should I continually and systematically apply this model to each of my Focus Master Sessions, I then create a LOT of value because of how well I learn from each focus master session–generating so much value for myself and others on the deepest level possible.

Happy Times!

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