Focus Master Session #14 NOW

Did I Achieve My Objective?

Objective(s): Create pain to lack of achieving goal to create $5,000,000 by May 31, 2013 and massive pleasure to achieving $5,000,000 for me by May 31, 2013 + Create SPIN Generation Questions + actual SPIN questions for use with customer

Status: Complete except for the last one.

What I Did Right:

I definitely feel like I created a powerful, powerful influence for myself to absolutely and positively drive myself to create massive, massive value for the world. I absolutely enjoy creating massive, massive value for the my customer on a deep level, so I really enjoy creating motivation for myself while actually creating the questions that definitely leverage the time I have in the future that definitely create the result I want with the customer on the fastest rate possible. I’d also definitely keep this level of motivation that I’ve created within myself for ALL Focus Master Sessions.

If I were making this Focus Master Session again, what would I do differently to achieve $5,000,000 by May 31, 2013 as I enjoy the process and create massive, massive value for the world?

I’d definitely SET THE TIMER before I absolutely followed through with generating the SPIN questions on the deepest possible levels. Furthermore, I’d look at all the ways that I can improve the website I’ve generated at the fastest possible time. There are all sorts of uses that I Focus Master Sessions represent, so I’d definitely apply it directly toward the elevation of the business at some point in time. But I definitely achieved a ton of progress with what I already did and recognized a LOT of power that comes with second level change (specifically: Generating questions that generate questions I need repeatedly!). If I could do it over again, I’d definitely just kick ass and do it with more vitality and faster to achieve the result that I want to achieve.

What have I learned that will influence future Focus Master Sessions for this goal?

I’ve definitely realized that I can create powerful, powerful results by actually setting the timer. Furthemore, I definitely know that I want to really kick ass with the 2nd order change because it’s the second order change and objectives that really drive the first order change for my life at the deepest possible level. Time to create powerful, powerful change in myself. (ATTEMPT 9TH ORDER CHANGE.)

What is the lesson that I learned about myself that allows me to create more massive, massive value for the world both now and in the future?

I can definitely apply speed and intensity to really creating massive, massive value for the world. Furthermore, massively generating the most kick-ass second order change that the world helps me shape on the deepest levels possible ALWAYS generate powerful change within myself. Time to create powerful powerful systems of questions that I can really use to generate whatever results I want at the deepest possible levels from within myself.

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