Focus Master Session #16: Took Molten Lava And Melted The Brake Of Progress

Did I Obtain My Objective:

Achievement Status:



Bust my limiting beliefs on profiting + peace with customers on the deepest levels possible using my audio recording titled LB Obliterator. After completing it early, I set an objective to determine highest-value NAC’s to have for my Goal.

Now Explain:

No explanation — Especially because of clarity of objective beforehand.

Lesson – Power Lesson* (Observe Footnote!):

I definitely learned that I can create WAY more value by making damn sure that I know my outcome beforehand. The recording that asks, “What is my objective for this section of this Focus Master Session?” definitely helped me mentally rehearse myself completing the objectively as quickly, effectively, and efficiently as possible. If I can keep doing this and do it step by step with my upcoming sections of Focus Master Session each and every time, I can definitely supercharge my results on the most fundamental level possible.

My next section involved generating the best SPIN Questions for Competence at Confidence… I need to use the recording now to create absolute focus on creating the result ASAP to sell anyone who shows even a twitch to wanting my products.

As I create it, I need to create the questions as if I absolutely have ALL the best products created. I’ll create them on upcoming FMS’s, so just absolutely focus on mastering the questions necessary to creating a world of value for the people involved… simply because of my tendency to sell people.

Retainment Of Lessons For Future Value Creation

Definitely retain the objective-setting method. It’s so powerful!

Shifts In Focus And How I Master Reality

I definitely need some follow up of the objective… perhaps refinement of the vision/sounds/feelings and more as I also create a follow up for the objective-setting question. For example, I could create a follow up recording for it that says something along the lines of “What is the best way to get it done and enjoy the process?” By having the process of achieving the objective mentally down, I can probably accelerate results even further.

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