Focus Master Session #18

Did I Obtain My Objective:

Achievement Status:



  1. Develop Twenty Questions For Four Areas of Business – Innovation/Product, Marketing, Systems, and Law
  2. Edit down five minutes of Marketing Power Question Technology!

Now Explain:

I definitely completed these steps very quickly through the entire Focus Mastery Session, but I didn’t complete Step One in its entirety via section one of this session, so I consider the objective unattained in the time that I intended to attain it by due to my use of time on recording marketing questions of Jay Abraham’s onto Audacity. It’s a good move in the long-term, but I need to keep my focus muscles strong and focus only on one thing until it’s DONE.

Lesson – Power Lesson:

I definitely learned that I can create a lot of value in a very short amount of time. If I give myself the right questions at all times, I can definitely generate the information that a person most needs to accept within himself at the deepest possible levels.

Beyond this realization that I can create any kind of information product as quickly as I can type (aka “the value,”) I definitely recognize that focusing on a certain thing to completion… especially if it’s small, definitely provides more value than switching mid-session. This is because the focus muscles I develop from the process of focusing on a singular thing definitely creates more massive value for people in the long-term.

Retainment Of Lessons For Future Value Creation

I retain my ability to focus as within the second session as well as the clarity of objective setting wisdom. By creating the objective so clearly right off the bat, I definitely created a level of focus and intensity for myself that astounded me briefly toward the end of section two in this FMS. Let’s do that again!

Shifts In Focus And How I Master Reality

I focus entirely on one thing to the greatest extent for each task possible. I focus on one thing at minimum until it’s done.

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