Focus Master Session #17: More Questions

Did I Obtain My Objective:

Achievement Status:



  1. SPIN Question Generator for Competence At Confidence (Situation + Problem Questions) (40 Q’s?) — 88 Questions!
  2. Order the S + P Questions
  3. Implication Questions + Needs-Payoffs Questions

Now Explain:

No explanation. No general limit of questions required, so I generated 44 Questions (19 Implication and 25 Need-Payoff)

Lesson – Power Lesson:

Probably that if I create a focus on a particular niche or need, I can generate more powerful questions. I created 132 questions on Johnny that can lead to some serious sales–and profits! However, it’s highly general–if I create more questions that involve the specific needs of Johnny or the customer, I can create massive, massive value for him.

I simply need to prioritize his needs from Most Painful to Least Painful and focus on the most painful need… and just throw every resource I have at my disposal to healing this need and creating a system where he naturally feels inclined to pay me for my service.

(One way I can generate value for who ever reads this is that uncovering the actual situation and specific needs of the customers as the most boring and raw place a person will ever put focus on… The same goes for the customer. It’s very necessary to figure out the raw facts and details, but when it comes to involving the customer, focus almost ENTIRELY on PIN to “Pin” the sale.)

Retainment Of Lessons For Future Value Creation

Focus + Power States. And commitment to achieiving a minimum number. 40 Questions is a good number for brainstorming in an hour’s session.

Shifts In Focus And How I Master Reality

Ask, “What’s the best way to get it done and enjoy the process.” I can create a LOT more value by figuring out better ways of getting things done. Another thing, too–the customer avatar basically solves the customer avatar on a deep level… For Situation Questions, I suppose I can simply apply them to generating a customer avatar.

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