Introducing Power Inhalation Questions

Why Do I Now Record Power Inhalation Sessions?

It’s absolutely necessary to ensure that I’m absolutely recovered for every value-add session I ever perform. If I neglect performing the appropriate steps toward generating energy for myself (i.e. NOT deeply breathing to move lymph and oxygenate myself, NOT drinking water AND coffee (esp. to maintain heat which is mandatory for keeping healthy and for getting myself to want to move, napping for at least 20 minutes, and eating super healthy foods,) i disservice myself and all who I serve by detrimenting the amount of value I create per session.

Sessions where I neglect to recover appropriately for have the risk of me wasting my time and, worse, creating something that actually pains the person instead of creating value for him or her.

These sessions where I neglect to recover appropriately for cause me both pain and lack of focus on exactly what I need to do.

On the other hand, I obviously gain massive benefit from recovering .Recovering allows me to not only rejuvenate myself and gain absolute health and vitality, but it allows me mental stillness, clarity, and focus. It grants me the opportunity to gain some altitude and look at where i started, where I’m going, and what’s the next necessary step to achieving my goal.

With these truths in mind, by recording the “Power Inhalation Sessions” I create massive, massive value for myself and the world by tracking how well I use my Power Inhalation Sessions as well as the lesson I receive from each Power Inhalation sessions… crystallizing the learning i received into both word for and behavioral change.

Did I Obtain My Objective:

Achievement Status:



Recover and feel strong and rested for my Focus Master Session and be on-time to create more and more value via business and self for the world.

Now Explain:

I didn’t really “feel” the need to rest and recover, therefore I didn’t decide to create states of drowsiness and exhaustion in order that I recover.

Lesson – Power Lesson:

I definitely learned that I don’t always realize that I’m in a position where I need to recover. Sometimes, the momentum just carries me, but if I want to create the most value possible, I need to maximize each recover session so as to  not only create more value for the FMS immediately after it  but to maximize the number of Focus Master Sessions I create in my waking hours.

Retainment Of Lessons For Future Power Inhalation

Keep the breathing, the water, the food, and the feelings of “Ugh” that I got in the end toward this… but in the BEGINNING. Basically I did everything right–just not in the order I needed to do them.

Shifts In Power Inhalation And How I Master Recovery

Breathing in beginning with water and coffee as well as “Ugh” feelings; then nap for 20 minutes; wake up and nom some food–preferably high-octane super foods.

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