Focus Master Session #20: Relationships + Waliur (NOT Newsletters, Yet)

Did I Obtain My Objective:

Achievement Status:



  1. [X] (“Determine the best questions on developing relationships, unique activities, fun things, power questions, creating value while maximizing the three factors of profit on the deepest, most fundamental levels possible”) – 1. Record the questions I’ve written down on enhancing star relationships to an Mp3 file from a powerful state, and 2. Simply create the transcripts of this, and 3. Create ten answers to each
  2. [O] Consulting with the answers on that sheet for my Ideal Customer, create five newsletter drafts to edit in my next FMS session AQAP

Now Explain:

Valuing my relationships with Ilya, Jono, and Waliur, and chose to speak with them in regards to business vs. creating the newsletters.

Lesson – Power Lesson:

Constantly recognize that every single action I take has an opportunity cost. EVERY action. This means that even if I do little and keep myself neutral, I’m still harming my future by lacking the action necessary to affect the future.

This awesome post from Seth Godin exemplifies EXACTLY what I mean–in fact, I probably got this idea from him.

So, ask myself, “Is it worth the cost of building the business necessary to achieve my goals?” That should keep me well on track over the long run and determine EXACTLY when it’s worth it and when ti’s not.

I think that interacting with friends is a great idea, but I definitely need to do it OUTSIDE of the Focus Master Sessions that I dedicate directly to the business.

Retainment Of Lessons For Future Value Creation

I retain the vim and vigor that I followed through with on my first section of this session. My follow through on that astounded me! I love follow through.

Shifts In Focus And How I Master Reality

Create new and empowering reasons to stay on task. Program other people for AT LEAST one week out. People will handle themselves until then… but for now, I need 100% focus on the best tasks I’ve set for myself at the moment… and in the context of Goal #2, I need to build the systems necessary to carry me and whoever through to fruition of value for others and myself.

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