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Power Inhalation Session #3

Did I Obtain My Objective:

Achievement Status:



Recover and feel strong and rested for my Focus Master Session and be on-time to create more and more value via business and self for the world. Also, move my body and feel stronger and more oxygenated as a result of a 1.25 hour long run.

Now Explain:

I definitely didn’t run as much as I could have. Ended up walking for most of my exericise. Need more waterproof gear for future outdoor sessions. Or a car that’s WORKING OPTIMALLY to get to a PAID FOR Planet Fitness

Lesson – Power Lesson:

I definitely learned that running on rainy or crappy days definitely can tax me a bit more without the proper gym membership or whatever–but I definitely learned that my levels of action, vitality, and commitment definitely affect me on the deepest levels possible.

Also, I learned that donuts before a run only lead to feelings of shittiness. With that in mind, the mind is extremely powerful because I was able to answer the question to “What’s the best way to get [this run] done and enjoy the process?” many times, which led to answering “What could I choose to believe about running that will make it fulfill each of my Six Human Needs at the highest possible level” to a large extent… which caused me to enjoy my workout considerably! From then on, I asked similar questions to “Running in the rain” and “Writing newsletters” and “Testing my products on myself for thirty days straight,” etc… And I feel awesome about each!

The biggest lesson: Use the mind in powerful ways and powerful results happen!

Retainment Of Lessons For Future Power Inhalation

Definitely run sooner! I always feel so great during and after a run. Perhaps I can use the concept of an “On ramp” to really kick ass and get myself going pretty quickly.

Shifts In Power Inhalation And How I Master Recovery

I definitely refrain from the donuts and dress more warmly if it’s raining. Furthermore, I check forecasts to prepare my week in advance so that I’m well-endowed for at least a modicum of comfort during my runs.

Also, I can definitely use the pain aspect a little bit more as I compel myself to getting outside and moving. But regardless, I achieved the result, which is what matters.

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