Focus Master Session #21: First Newsletters Done!

Did I Obtain My Objective:

Achievement Status:



  1. Consulting with the answers on that sheet for my Ideal Customer, create five newsletter drafts to edit in my next FMS session AQAP

Now Explain:

While I didn’t complete five drafts, I definitely completed five drafts drafts worth of work. It took me a bit to actually generate the first parts of whatever I was doing, but it definitely came out amazing. With first-time things, I can appreciate “Not getting five drafts done” if it means getting an amazing singular draft done.

Lesson – Power Lesson:

Well, I lost an entire newsletter on the guiding values that REALLY kicked ass. I suppose it’s definitely a lesson that saves me time in the long run, because I could’ve had a whole document in the buffer, but wow. That was a quality newsletter. Wish I could’ve kept it.

I’ll still generate a kick-ass newsletter again.

As for actual newsletter development, I learned that creating newsletters is enjoyable. If you know how to systematically generate quality content while knowing the Word keyboard shortcut to checking the character count for 50-ish characters in the newsletter, then creating newsletters is a fun process! I look forward to generating massive, massive value for my friends.

Retainment Of Lessons For Future Value Creation

Retain Ctrl + Shift + G for Word Count + Figure out how to get an extended buffer. Also, the ease of creating newsletters KICKS ASS. I love writing newsletters.

Shifts In Focus And How I Master Reality

Create the buffer and always create copies of files so as to preserve excellent content and ideas. That newsletter was AWESOME!

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