Focus Master Session #22: Seven Newsletters Done! Awesome.

Did I Obtain My Objective:

Achievement Status:



  1. Consulting with the answers on that sheet for my Ideal Customer, create five newsletter drafts to edit in my next FMS session AQAP (Complete this and then upload “Who I Am” Newsletter to Aweber)

Now Explain:

I lost track of time, and I think I did two Focus Master Sessions on this, but I have no freaking clue. I may or may not have. I probably didn’t, but the truth is, I completed the objective overly well.  So, I’ll leave it for now and then pursue my upcoming objective: Ensure that my metrics are up to date (both the numbers under each metric and the actual metrics… making sure that these are the best metrics to measure.)

Lesson – Power Lesson:

I need to visually track my work, because it’s definitley way more fun to watch that line go up. I like watching the number of hours I work each night go up! It’s fun to know that I’ve worked so much.

Furthermore, I’ve also learned that I need to keep absolute track of what section of the Focus Master Session I’m on. Because I definitely could have generated another hour’s worth of work if i missed out on a session like I think I’m doing (yet I’d still rather just zone out for a bit before I grind out come value again.)

As far as what I actually did, I find that it’s important to add a “States” recording in the background as well that comes on every now and then… say, once, after three run-throughs of the Ideal Customer Relationship Enhancer or whatever. It’d definitely make my time more enjoyable.

Or, actually, just a “What’s the best way to get this objective done and enjoy the process” recording would TOTALLY kick ass.

That’d also kick ass for my running session. Just like having the recording that asks “How do i best incant to achieve Goal #2 as quickly, effective, efficiently as possible and well before May 31, 2013 as I enjoy the process and create massive, massive value for the world?

Also, I can probably get myself to consistently double the amount of value I contribute on a daily basis by asking myself where I can definitely create more and more value for the world.

Also, I need to train myself up a bit more now with I<3M and Eben Pagan and NLP and such. Time to make it work.

Retainment Of Lessons For Future Value Creation

I definitely retain the newsletters I created + the total focus and concentration that comes toward making the newsletters amazing! I love this process. I love recordings. I love my brain. It’s awesome. I can create anything.

That last statement–that belief–is what I absolutely retain.

Shifts In Focus And How I Master Reality

I definitely create a level of education and power for the world. Furthermore, I make damn sure that I know what section I’m on, and I need to keep a visual tracker on the time I’ve put in toward realizing my results. Furthermore, I can create a metric for time in and time out.

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