Aaron Walks In On Facebook And MySpace (Here’s To The Best Day Ever)

My passion has been FOUND!

After all these years of denial… After all these years of focusing on Marketing… After all these years wasted on school and social interaction… I’ve found it! The passion?


Though coding is ALWAYS at its best when it connects one person or group to another person or group, it’s the ruthless logic that excites me. I’ve always been a fan of intellectual problem solving (vs. handling shit with my hands,) and coding is ALWAYS the perfect solution to it!

Quick thought: I wonder if we can calculate the upbeat/downbeat of a word so that we can automatically write poetry. We’d need to keep a database of the values associated with certain character combinations. Perhaps it has already been done, but the development of such software would help songwriters out tremendously… either through whole song generation OR simple tonality debugging. Who knows.

But back to the point… Coding is my absolute favorite thing to do. It’s like commanding the world from my laptop… With a few lines of code, I can inspire a thousand other computers–with ZERO additional effort–to pop up the same program as the one the runs on my computer.


I mean, it’s similar to how this blog post will go out to a thousand-plus people, but actually creating an interactive program that people can use… It simply fascinates me.

I love it!

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