Why You Need Leverage — It’s Just Bad Tasting Medicine

Before you read this, consider watching the expert talk about this first. Eben Pagan’s a man I highly admire, and this is really a must-see video for anyone serious about getting results


There’s so much that you can do at any point in time. You can literally find anyone’s contact information and give them a call–even Brad Pitt or Barrack Obama–if you’ll just search for him/her and call him/her enough times (usually). You can literally program an app that will make millions right now from your computer–if you’ll just Google the information on how to do it.

So why haven’t you done something cool with this yet? You’re amazing, and you know it…. what’s prevented you from doing something amazing with it? Or if you’ve already done something amazing, why haven’t you gone further, like you know you can?

It’s because there’s not leverage. No intrinsic or extrinsic motivation to push you forward. And that’s what I want to change in this blog post.

Before I begin, here are some things that I’ve committed to doing via Leverage–in no particular order:

  • I’ve put $100 (x the # of readers)  for completing “The Expert Builder” from The 4-Hour Workweek in the capacity of hypnotherapy
  • I’ve put $100 (x the # of readers) on the line for picking up chicks–Examples include:
    • Approaching 10 women while asking myself “What best is beautiful about her?” for two minutes minimum (my favorite leverage so far)
    • Approaching 10 women while asking myself “What best is beautiful about her?” for two minutes minimum (my favorite leverage so far) + saying “Let’s do something fun… We’re going to take 3 photos…”
    • Approaching 10 women… starting off just by saying “Could you put your number in my phone”
    • Stripping as a cop in front of five women
  • I’ve put $100 (x the # of  readers) on the line for improving my body language and breathing habits
  • I’ve put $100 (x the # of readers) on the line for doing leverage
  • I’ve put $100 (x the # of readers) on the line for watching one hour of Eben Pagan’s videos a day for 365 days
  • I’ve put $100 (x the # of readers) on the line for coding for one  hour a day for ninety days
  • I’ve put $20 on the line for achieving a certain time when I ran Track for my high school

Now, I could probably could have done even more with this concept, but I’m still evolving with it. But still, even with the little that I have done with this, it’s way better than what would have happened without it. What you’ll find as a direct result of leveraging yourself with things like this, is:

  • You might have amazing dances sessions with the most beautiful women in the most  prestigious bars.
  • You’might have women totally wanting to take a photo with you.
  • You might talk about vagina juice and slapping other women with vagina juice with a beautiful (and engaged) woman–right next to her fiance.
  • You might have a bunch of cool photos of yourself having an awesome life uploaded to Facebook.
  • You might get a bunch of girls’ numbers from a silly little routine.
  • You might discover a new area to pick up girls–i.e. a new campus–just from a leverage exercise.
  • You might become a master coder (I’m getting really good at JavaScript due to this, hah).
  • You might do this leverage thing more often.
  • You might become a more positive person.
  • You might improve your daily routine.
  • You might kick-ass in the field.
  • You might gain some mad respect and reputation with your peers.
  • You might improve your race times

Each one of these–except for the race times–happened as a direct result of leverage. I sent a message to a group of friends in the form of a video (for most of these) saying that if I didn’t complete the exercise, that I would need to fork over $100. With very little room for forgiveness on most tasks, this concept alone has proven more useful than just about anything else.

And what’s great is that the resume of activities continues to improve. Leverage enhances my life each and every day. I’m ultimately a better person for doing it.  And ANY person who uses it will become a better person for using it.

Furthermore, here’s the best thing of all. If you’ve leveraged yourself and got yourself going, but halfway through you realize how bad of an idea it was… it’s still a great thing to do! Even if it ends up wasting your time, you’ve just done an invaluable thing, because you’ve just improved your ability to use leverage?

Does that make sense?

Let me know if it does, because I’m curious for your opinion.


Warm Regards,


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