Thoughts On Writing


  • Definitely got in the zone – Always just ‘start’ and I’ll get into the flow to help people after (women, value, etc.)
  • Used StickK! – StickK is my friend for creating value… Use it to help Paul
  • Got myself to keep on typing when I didn’t want to – Body can trump mind once the mind will the body to
  • Used “Wrong” and “Aversion” tactics to develop dialogue – Use my pain-avoidance for proactive reasons to create the maximum value for other people
  • Admitted flaws – The more flaws of myself that I openly admit, the more that people will love me.
  • Activated – Keep on perceiving and intuiting the best material from superstar authors to create the maximum value for others
    • 80% Seal with
    • Personality Types with
    • Harding with
    • Implicit Associations (Dress Nice ๐Ÿ™‚

Not Right

  • Waited too long to use StickK – Always use StickK earlier to create more value
  • Didn’t stay coherent to a central thought or theme – Keep focusing on the details of a specific topic for more value… Apply one thing to more situations to be more resourceful and valuable
  • Didn’t focus on a single topic – Need to keep myself drilling a singular focus
  • Didn’t develop multiple characters – Keep on focusing on Haverty for the max vlaue
  • Didn’t develop the scenery well enough – Develop a setting in which God is a character… the scenery is a character because it reflects the human psyche ๐Ÿ™‚



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