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I Don’t Feel Like Posting Right Now

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Focus Master Session #15: Actually Making Progress Now

Cutting The Shit — Did I Make It Work?

Did I Obtain My Objective:

Achievement Status:



Create the best list of daily activities and habits that I need to install on a daily basis via rememberance techonologies with my second session intended to reveal the deepest limiting beliefs within my body on creating profit for myself on the deepest possible level so that I can bust them later!

Now Explain:

Consistent, repeated questions asked of self via audio development/editing technology (Audacity + LAME mp3 Encoder)

Lesson – Power Lesson* (Observe Footnote!):

What I definitely did right was asking myself “What the best question is?” instead of asking “What is the best question to ask in the context of BLAH” This provided massively leverage from my subcon-scious mind because I always know the best question to ask at any point in time, ALWAYS. And it fascinates me that I used to create contexts for questions when I could’ve gotten so much farther by just trusting myself to create the most value possible in every situation possible. Given my references, I can trust myself to create a lot of value in whatever situations I may encounter.

As far as adequate timership, I definitely need to keep hardcore time results DOWN because it’d definitely provide an incredible amount of value for me and others if I can say, “Hey, in this session, you can search my schedule and recognize that I WAS working on clarified X and X result toward achieving my goals!”

Time to create massive, massive value for the world!

Furthermore, I continually recognize how much shit goes on in my mind at any point in time. I would have never guessed to come up with “Limiting beliefs with profit and peace with customers” without this big ass goal that I needed to create!

Oh man, and I would’ve never realized these big goals and directed myself with complete focus to achieve these goals now without developing those empowering beliefs on setting MASSIVE positive expectations. I can really feel how well I create massive, massive value from little, tiny actions simply because of the extent that such tiny actions go.

Then, needless to say, the massive expectations came somewhere from different limiting beliefs which I felt inspired to uncover from a different action which I felt inspired to do because of the section I read on Personal Power II on busting limiting beliefs on the most ridiculous level possible!

Oh, and finally, I learned that I can create so much more value for people by simply asking how to develop the relationship in AMAZING ways while still creating the most enormous leverage possible to achieve “Goal Whatever” in the most enjoyable and most value-generating way possible. This not only keeps my goals in focus whenever I discuss ideas and patterns with others; it also gives others a sense of purpose that he or she definitely contributes to something bigger.

Retainment Of Lessons For Future Value Creation

I definitely retain absolute focus and development of practiced apathy, because I can feel the projection in my voice after creating this consciousness within myself. I can totally master what audio or program I need to complete as I objective perceive the world in the greatest, most, fantastic way possible. Oh, man, I look forward to generating a LOT of sex using the programs I’ve used!

Shifts In Focus And How I Master Reality

I definitely make the world more timed-oriented and focused. By timing myself straight off the bat I create a sense of pressure within myself, which I value highly. Furthermore, I’d get myself to focus entirely on ONE THING, no matter how small. This does more than just gets the task done, it focuses me on developing focus muscles to an incredible degree!.

*What Lesson Did I Ultimately Learn About Myself And My Reality That Leads The People I Interact With And Myself To Achieve For Me Goal #2 – $5,000,000 For Me In My Bank Account In A Way That We Each Enjoy As We Create Massive, Massive Value For The World? — Main Question

**What Do I Ultimately Retain For Future Focus Master Sessions?

***What Do I Ultimately Create Differently For Future Focus Master Sessions?