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What I’m Doing For This 60-60-30

60-60-30 # 1

Part One: I’ll see five pages (total) filled up in my notebook with training on getting a VB program to minimize to the System Tray

Results: After opening 4 different MSDN documents, 3 StackOverflow Q&A’s, and looking at a dZone blog post, I finally came across Murray Foxcroft’s WPF NotifyIcon project at–this is really the only true WPF-App-To-System-Tray training I’ve found… Anyway, I have three pages filled up in my journal, but I’m satisfied with the results.

Learning: I’m going to implement Murray Foxcroft’s training in such a way that will get my own Auto Excel It!!! to work by the next 50-minute segment 😀

Part Two:




Thoughts On Writing


  • Definitely got in the zone – Always just ‘start’ and I’ll get into the flow to help people after (women, value, etc.)
  • Used StickK! – StickK is my friend for creating value… Use it to help Paul
  • Got myself to keep on typing when I didn’t want to – Body can trump mind once the mind will the body to
  • Used “Wrong” and “Aversion” tactics to develop dialogue – Use my pain-avoidance for proactive reasons to create the maximum value for other people
  • Admitted flaws – The more flaws of myself that I openly admit, the more that people will love me.
  • Activated – Keep on perceiving and intuiting the best material from superstar authors to create the maximum value for others
    • 80% Seal with
    • Personality Types with
    • Harding with
    • Implicit Associations (Dress Nice 🙂

Not Right

  • Waited too long to use StickK – Always use StickK earlier to create more value
  • Didn’t stay coherent to a central thought or theme – Keep focusing on the details of a specific topic for more value… Apply one thing to more situations to be more resourceful and valuable
  • Didn’t focus on a single topic – Need to keep myself drilling a singular focus
  • Didn’t develop multiple characters – Keep on focusing on Haverty for the max vlaue
  • Didn’t develop the scenery well enough – Develop a setting in which God is a character… the scenery is a character because it reflects the human psyche 🙂


I Don’t Want To: The ALS Session Is Out Of Date

I need to do something about the ALS Power Learning Session Mp3 that I have, because I really cringe when I think about doing it now. Unfortunately it’s not a computer generated thing where it changes up every time. And even though I’m definitely changing that when I get my coding knowledge together, it’s currently currently in the realm of the pre-physical/invisible (whatever you like to call it.)

Anyway, I have leverage on doing this at least three times daily with the Tad James lectures that I need to do, so I’m going to do a little bit of a public reframe to get this to become wayyy easier for me. Let’s do it with a question: “What best could I choose to believe that will make doing the ALS Power Learning Session fulfill each of my Six Human Needs at the highest possible level?”

Here’s my answer:

“This Power Learning Session has been designed to be a highly enjoyable experience that anyone can use! It allows the user to listen to some modern yet relaxing music that will create the highest optimal state for anyone who will listen. It’s officially one of the best tools available for learning and it’s an honor to listen to it as often as possible. Furthermore, everytime I do this power learning session, I get the opportunity to contribute an extreme amount of power to the people I interact with due to my ability to entrance myself and others into the most powerful states of automatic being.

And it’s truly a beautiful thing. Furthermore, only with a wide array of methods of learning will I be absolutely certain that I can call anything I need to in mind at at the quickest possible rate.”

I’m actually really pumped to do this now! I think that I’d be better off, too, with a parts integration on this, but for now, this will do.

Now that I think of it, though, there are a lot of things that need parts integration (i.e. labor) because I’m not exactly aligned in a few areas. But that’ll be a subject for a different article. Peace out and goodbye!



How To Code Your Life

If I had to recommend any language to start with, I’d recommend JavaScript, because it’s the most valuable of all of the computer languages I know (i.e. HTML, CSS, Visual Basic). And it’s valuable not just because you can make something cool happen with your computer.

It’s valuable because you can make something cool with your life. You can think better because of it. Let’s take the example of “Habit Change”:

(Note: This a really basic version of what we can do with JavaScript. Math.Random creates a random number between 0 and 1 that we can use in our code)

var habitChange = “To be determined.” // At the beginning of the code, of course it’s false
var profoundEffectsonLife = “To be determined.”
var negativeEndofLife = “To be determined.”

var odds = Math.Random ; //odds of habit change, that is

if (leveraged + planned + power posing + healthy + willpower + action) {
if (odds < .9) { //90% chance of succeeding with a habit change.
habitChange = true;
} else {
habitChange = false; //Technically could leave this out–Kept for clarity
} else if (plan + willpower + action) {
if (odds < .2) { //20% chance of succeeding with a habit change.
habitChange = true;
} else {
habitChange = false;
} else {
if (odds < .05) { //5% chance of succeeding with a habit change.
habitChange = true;
else {
habitChange = false;

if (habitChange) { //a.k.a. "if habitChange = true"
profoundEffectsonLife = true
negativeEndofLife = false
else {
profoundEffectsonLife = false
negativeEndofLife = true

After diving into the deep end of coding/programming/designing, I really began to shift my life to new ways of thinking. For example, if you're familiar with NLP and the idea of "modeling," modeling is just copying code from another program and then running it inside your console.

(And to take the modeling idea further, we can copy another person's code into our console, but if we don't like it, we can easily delete or replace some of the code to get a different result! And this change in thinking has been profound for my personal development.)

Or if you're into pickup, if you start thinking like this, your level of success with the ladies will transform. Because if you have this intense logic going, you'll get used to the idea of "debugging" your performance in field, and your performance will accelerate.

Btw, if you're looking for a way to get into coding, check out Code.Org. You may have already seen it, but the level of insight I gained from that video is profound.

Check it out: