Goal Toronto

What Is Goal Toronto?

Send me as a message and I’ll see about sending the more detailed description. It’s basically me living in every possible way (in the way I want) in Toronto.

What Actions Best Creates Goal Toronto By January 17th, 2013?

  1. Really, Really deliver on my result by constantly crafting e-books or e-book novellas (probably more valuable to create little e-books for highly specified results.)
  2. Create the customer avatar by using Socratic Steroids to create the most in-depth understanding of who I’m going to serve
  3. Develop the SPIN questions product so that I can cause people to buy at the fastest rate possible
  4. Master my marketing with Marketing questions by Jay Abraham so as to create massive, massive leverage for myself and my work
  5. Figure out how to use Paul most effectively for building the business
  6. Send messages to JV partners and customers that associates massive pain to avoiding working with me as well as massive pleasure to working with me–using a combination of relationship
  7. Create a system, a schedule to work by and really follow that schedule as if someone would shoot me if I didn’t and as if I’m getting a blowjob from the hottest stripper on the face of the planet when I win
  8. Constantly create and develop questions for self via business that totally kicks as for Competence At Confidence (.com)
  9. Discover what people most want to pay for
  10. Narrow Down Competence at Confidence to a particular area so that I create massive, massive value for the area of confidence, etc. to master the world
  11. Constantly use Challenge-Solving Questions on things that I really, really want solved.
  12. Figure out what’s going on with Waliur and determine three different perspectives on the subject that really gives me the most enlightened understanding of a subject.

MOST OF ALL, BEFORE DOING ANY OF THIS: Associate pain to lack of achieving goals and then associate massive pleasure to achieving the overall goal as well as the overall objectives AND the necessary actions to get there. Do this by creating the right questions for systematic repeat.


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